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Basic Rune Casting
Ginger Red Hawk
What is Rune Casting?
Runic divination is not some kind of fortune telling. Rune casting works deeply with the subconscious. The 33 Runes, if you use the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, or the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark when put into the Rune pouch represent the entire universe. When one poses a question, oneís entire conscious and subconscious mind must be focused on the question. The Runelots then selected are not random selections, but choices made by the subconscious mind. Rune Casting thus operates on basic principles of psychology.

Runic readings are not very mysterious or related to the supernatural. And they are certainly not demonic! Rune casting is a simple method of examining the path we tread and what the effects and outcome might be. It is a matter of using oneís subconscious mind free from the limitations placed by the conscious.

To do a Runic reading one must address a particular issue. Unlike Astrology, Runes do not speak of the general. Runic readings address specific issues. One must examine the past, present and the future or what the future will be if one continues to tread the current path. The future can always be changed by changing the path one treads. In this respect, Runic readings are more an evaluation process than forecasting or foretelling. One has the opportunity to clearly look at the past (in relation to the issue on hand), the present situation and infer what the future would be.

Runic reading or Rune casting is thus not occult or magic Ė itís more about intuitive perception. Itís simply a matter of examining cause and effect and pointing out the likely outcome.

How to do a Rune Casting?
A suitable ambience is a must for Rune casting. North is the direction of the Norse Gods, so itís best to sit facing North in a quiet place. Place a white cloth or board in front of you as the boundary for the casting. Form the question in your mind and do it firmly. The question must not change midway through the reading for an accurate reading. Then mix the Runes in their bag or container and continue to mix them until you feel the urge to take up certain rune lots. Continue to mix the Runes and select lots until you have the desired number of lots. Keep track of the order in which you selected the Runes and lay them out according to the layout you use so that you can interpret them correctly. The five Rune layout and the seven Rune layout are two popular casts.

Five Rune Layout
The five Rune layout is a popular one to indicate happenings in the near future of about three months or so.

Method: Select 5 Runes one at a time and lay them out face down Ė 3 in a horizontal row and one above and one below the center Rune.


Interpretation: The 3 Runes laid out in a row represent your past, present and future as related to the problem at hand. The Rune above the center one indicates the help you can expect to receive to solve the problem. The Rune below the center one indicates parts of the problem that cannot be changed and must simply be accepted.

It is best to turn over the center Rune first. This will show you the problem as it currently is. It can also indicate your frame of mind. A negative Rune here might suggest that you are in an extremely agitated state of mind. The Rune to the left of the center Rune will represent your past and tell you more about what caused you to be in the situation you are in. Donít read the Rune to the right of the center Rune yet. A little more patience is required.
Next, turn over the Rune above the center Rune. This Rune indicates the help that you can expect to receive in solving your problem. A negative Rune here it may indicate an unwillingness on your part to accept advice or slight impediments and delays in the resolution of the problem.
The Rune below the center Rune needs to be turned over next. This Rune indicates the aspects of the problem that cannot be changed and need to be accepted as they are. Positive Runes here indicate a lack of niggling problems while negative Runes indicate obstacles.
Finally, your patience pays off and you can turn over the last Rune Ė this one is the result Rune and indicates the final outcome of the problem given all the other Runes.
Remember Ė whatever the final outcome, Rune casting believes that the future can be altered by changing the circumstances you are in now.

Seven Rune Layout
This layout is popular because it gives a little more detail about the past and the future. It interprets events likely to occur within the next three months keeping in mind things that have happened in the past three months.

Method: Select 7 Runes and lay them out 6 in a row and the 7th one centered, below the row.

Interpretation: This layout requires you to interpret the Runes in pairs. The first pair indicates the problem. The second pair shows events in the past that have led to the problem. The third pair is the most important and must be dealt with very carefully. This pair represents the advice the Runes are giving to you and you need to interpret their meaning as they relate to one another. They may indicate the need to wait or act immediately. They may also indicate that you shift your attention to new realms totally unrelated to the problem. The final Rune is the seventh one. It is important to remember here that a positive Rune (or a negative one) will in fact indicate a positive outcome (or a negative one) only if the preceding Runes have so suggested.

The seven Rune layout can be quite challenging but well worth the effort it takes to master it.