An Introduction to Angels

July 13, 2011 | Rogue

three archangels

By Ginger Red Hawk

There was a time when angels were the stuff that children’s stories were made of. Fantastic beings that made us all smile and believe in the goodness of things. However, are angels really fantastic? Perhaps and perhaps not. There are many people today who are trying to connect to their angels.

Angels are a separate order of being. They are different from humankind. Angels live in the non physical realm that surrounds all beings. Real and universal, they are messengers of source and spirit. Angels are not selective. They work with and love all beings and lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. They are above the human barriers of race, caste, gender, planet, solar system even! Angels are not dead humans. Contrary to popular belief humans do have a spiritual soul, but that soul does not become an angel after death. Angels are however, formed from the thoughts of people so they can appear to have a human spirit.

Communicating With An Angel

Communicating with an angel is a profound experience. A beautiful feeling it can greatly affect your spiritual belief system. The first contact with an angel can be extremely confusing and a figment of your imagination. It is only through your creative intuition and ‘the willing suspension of disbelief’ that you can accept that angels do exist. Continued contact with angels helps improve communication with them and you can receive messages more clearly.

Each of us has an angel. Angels are not restricted to caste, religion, nationality or indeed any man made demarcation. Some ways to communicate with your angel are as below.

Walk With Me

It is vital to relax so that you can connect with your angel. Imagine yourself taking a walk in a beautiful garden alongside a forest. Wild flowers, birds singing, shining sun, and a gorgeous sunny day. You are walking along the garden towards the trees when you see your angel. You walk into an open embrace full of unconditional love. Feel the love envelope you. Let your angel love you. Listen to your angel for the common signs that will tell you of its presence in your daily life – the nose that tickles for no reason, the ear that twitches, red and green twinkling lights, snowflakes on your nose. Let your entire life be submerged in the love pouring towards you from the angel. Now as it is time to leave, slowly head back where you came from but not before hugging your angel and promising to return. Once you know that you will be meeting your angel when you please, it becomes easier to let go and come back to regular life – but with a feeling of extreme and unconditional love!


Simply find yourself a quiet place and free your mind of all thoughts. Open your mind and let your angel come and talk to you. Accept what is being said with grace and be available for any energy or information that is being passed on.

There are many different methods of meeting your angel and if one doesn’t work, try another one until you find one that does work well for you.

How Do Angels Work?

Angels don’t work in mystical or magical ways. They simply help you understand yourself better. Angels will not help you meet your project deadline and nor will they do your household chores. They won’t clear up your debts and they won’t send you on shopping sprees. They won’t help you change your spouse’s habits. Yes, what they will do is to help you understand and change yourself. By helping you change your habits and your expectations, angels help you to resolve issues in life that are preventing you from actualizing your potential. Angels will never help you to do something that will harm you or another individual.

Meet The Angels

There are many angels in the second realm. Here’s your chance to meet some of them.

The Heavenly Choirs
There are nine choirs divided into three hierarchies, each choir representing one step closer to mankind.

The First Hierarchy:
• Seraphims – Firemakers, represent Divine Love. Seraphiel, Michael, Metatron and Lucifer before his fall.
• Cherubims – Full of knowledge, represent Divine Wisdom. Cherubiel, Raphael, Gabriel and Lucifer before his fall.
• Ophanim – also called thrones, represent Divine Justice.

The Second Hierarchy:
• Dominions – Regulates duties of angels, represent Divine Mercy.
• Virtues – Govern the physical creation of God, represent Divine Grace. Michael.
• Powers – Battle evil and govern actions of demons, represent Divine Strength. Samael and Camael.

The Third Hierarchy:
• Principalities – Watch over nations and cities on Earth, protect religions, represent Divine Authority. Requel, Anael, Cerviel and Nisroc.
• Archangels – liaisons between God and mankind, there are only seven archangels. Michael, Gabriel, Phanuel, Uriel and others. Raphael is the prince of archangels.
• Angels – Minister to humans and protect them.

Angels Of The Presence
They are especially close to God and keep the cosmic secrets. It is one of them who commanded Moses to write down every word God said on Mt. Sinai. The twelve angels in this order include Michael, Metatron, Sandalphon, Uriel, Jahoel, Suriel, Astanphaeus, Saraqael, Phanuel, Zagzagel, Yefefiah, and Akatriel.

Angels Of Destruction
They are the swords of God and punish sinners. Among the most well-known Angels of Destruction are Uriel, Azrael, and Gabriel. Various sources cite either Simkiel or Kemuel as leader of this order.

Angels Of Death
They announce death and take the soul to Heaven or Hell. Angels of this order include Michael, Gabriel, Metatron, and Iblis. There are Angels of Death among the Fallen as well.

The Grigori
The Grigori or watchers inspected or watched after Earth. However, they started lusting after human women and even married them and had the terrible children – Nephilim who were part human and part angel. They shared angelic knowledge like the art of vanity and warfare. This made God unhappy and he cast them out of the order. This was later interpreted as the Fall of Lucifer and his Rebels. Among the angels named in the many texts are Shemyaza (who repented), Azael, Baraqijal, and Sariel.

The Great Archangels
• Gabriel – The Hero of God. Guards the entrance to Eden, announced the birth of John the Baptist and of Jesus to Mary, sounded the trumpet of judgment and resurrection.
• Michael – Who is Like God. Protector, healer, guardian and warrior. The best known of all of God’s angels.
• Raphael – Medicine of God. Healer and teacher. Friendliest of all angels.
• Uriel – Fire of God. Stern and punishing.

The Fallen
Lucifer or Satan, greatest of all the angels gave in to pride and coveted God’s kingdom. One third of the angels led by Lucifer then waged a war against God’s loyal troops led by Michael. God’s troops prevailed and Lucifer was defeated. However, Lucifer refused to accept defeat and the war between Good and Evil has raged on ever since.

The Bible is full of angel lore. Whether angels exist in our lives to help us and make our dreams come true – only you can answer this question for yourself.

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