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Your Daily Influences
Your Daily Influences
October 18, 2019 

Tarot Influence

Rune Influence

Charm Influence
Four of Swords
A period of rest and restoration of energies. Tensions subside. Good changes are soon to come.
Othala represents a solid, immovable home, prosperity and safety. Good fortune based on your heritage and character is yours to enjoy.
Leo the Lion
This aspect of your life will be strongly influenced by a person who is pompous, patronizing, bossy, interfering, dogmatic and intolerant. This person is most likely a relative--the one you invite to family functions but only because you have too.
Your Daily Influences represent events and challenges the current day will present for you. They may represent opportunities you should be ready to seize. Or they may forewarn you of problems you may be able to avoid or lessen. Generally it is best to use them as tips to help you manage your day and nothing more.