Gong Hee Fot Choy Spread
Gail Cowley
Jack of Clubs in the House of Compasses
One of your relatives or dear friends will talk to you about radio work. Also indicates a special message will come to you. News over the air; indicates word of some kind through the air or some kind of work that moves fast dispatching news, etc.
Ace of Spades in the House of Wishes
Your wish will be influenced by one of many possible meanings -- death, divorce, separation, incarceration, love, illicit affairs, or the ending of something disagreeable. Check card in the House of Death if a heart, diamond or club there is a chance for your wish to come true. If it is a spade there is greater opposition than you realize.
Eight of Clubs in the House of Success
If you are working toward some achievement, it will turn out to be successful; you are on the right road or soon will be. Good business or work indicated.
Jack of Spades in the House of Moon
A new acquaintance holds jealous thoughts about you; be careful, for this person will pretend to be your friend. If single, your sweetheart is thinking of you.
Ten of Clubs in the House of Surprises
You will be surprised over a change of some kind you make; or an invitation for a short trip to the beach or country. Or an offer made to take you to see some real estate.
Seven of Diamonds in the House of Popularity
Your future success depends upon how efficient you are in your line of work. Remember, success and popularity go together, so treat others well. If you work as a professional, industry recognition and plenty of work will coming your way.
Ten of Hearts in the House of Abode
A wedding may take place in your home; or some relatives or friends will come to visit you, making a family reunion. Good time indicated.
Seven of Hearts in the House of Journey
A change in your life is going to make you very happy. This change eliminates a lot of jealousy. You will take a shopping trip soon.
Seven of Spades in the House of Papers
You will receive some sort of news that will make you heartsick.
Eight of Spades in the House of Vocation
If unemployed, you will have trouble finding work; or you will have to overcome great obstacles in your work. Strive hard and you will win.
Eight of Diamonds in the House of Marriage
You attend a marriage; or the union with old folks, like taking care of them; you will inherit some money; or jewelry or personal belongings.
Nine of Hearts in the House of Happiness
Your wish could bring much happiness if you get it. You should get your wish.
Queen of Hearts in the House of Enjoyment
Enjoyment comes from many invitations from loving friends; and you enjoy your friends' company. An aunt has your best interest at heart.
Queen of Diamonds in the House of Messages
A telephone call or message will be received, setting the time for something you are to do, or meet someone.
Queen of Spades in the House of Relatives
You have a few grateful relatives; also they may hinder your progress as you may have to support them. Always remember a grateful friend is worth more than money; or you will be grateful to a friend or relative.
Nine of Diamonds in the House of Health
Something you hear about someone's health will surprise you; also about the birth of a child which surprises you.
King of Clubs in the House of Money
If you are working, you can look for a raise in pay, better position, or good business; or more money from wherever your support comes from.
King of Hearts in the House of Seasons
Within a week you will hear something that brings great enjoyment; it will come through a person who has your welfare at heart.
Queen of Clubs in the House of Friends
You should have many friends; or a dear friend wants to help and protect you. A new and lovely friend will be made soon.
Nine of Clubs in the House of Gifts
You will be lucky in receiving a gift, either you win it or you find something and can't find the owner.
Nine of Spades in the House of Letters
You will receive a letter telling you of a loss; or you will lose money on an investment away from here; or a loss of a letter in the mail; or you will be disappointed in not receiving word from someone.
Seven of Clubs in the House of Trouble
A message--probably an email--will cause you trouble. Or you will become angry in a conversation over the phone.
Ace of Hearts in the House of Disappointment
You have lost a home, or a loss of some kind is in the home; or you dislike the place in which you live. Be careful and guard this loss. It can be avoided if a loss has not taken place.
Eight of Hearts in the House of Death
The death of someone you love will make you grieve; or someone you love will lose someone and you will share their sorrow; or there will be a broken engagement.
Ace of Clubs in the House of Undertaking
You may enter a business where gifts are sold or made; or you will make gifts for your friends and be known for your lovely work. A new business opportunity offered soon.
Ten of Diamonds in the House of Achievement
Your achievements will be many and will bring you money.
King of Diamonds in the House of Inheritance
Money should come to you through some person in the professional world; or you will sign someone's or your own will; or you will require the services of an attorney to take care of an inheritance for you. This may be settled out of court. Papers signed or handled involving money.
Jack of Hearts in the House of Callers
Someone calls upon you who is very noted.
Jack of Diamonds in the House of Gratitude
You will send a letter of condolence or of gratitude; or will receive one.
Ten of Spades in the House of Inquirer
You will make a change of some real estate. A sale of something is indicated. The sun will shine here for you. If you sell real estate, a big deal soon.
Ace of Diamonds in the House of Luck
If you are contemplating a new venture, you should be very lucky with it; luck here plays a good part in what your future venture holds.
King of Spades in the House of Sun
This sun House is for any man in uniform; public service. It indicates constant change like the sun; one location one day, and on the high seas another. You seem to change like the sun.
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