Your Gong Hee Fot Choy Spread.
Ace of Hearts in the House of Compasses
Someone is thinking of you and wishes they were with you; or the vibration of a new home for you.
Eight of Diamonds in the House of Wishes
Your wish pertains to or will be influenced by an inheritance, something given, or a small sum of money. Check card in the House of Inheritance; if a heart, diamond or club there is a good chance for your wish; a spade there is opposition.
Nine of Clubs in the House of Success
Good luck and success are in store for you; also when things look the darkest you will forge ahead to success. The next nine days should be profitable.
Eight of Clubs in the House of Moon
Your romance may be like a business proposition to achieve something; or love will come with business; or an offer of marriage if single. Love and business are mixed here.
Jack of Spades in the House of Surprises
You will be surprised over the actions or thoughts expressed by someone you regard as a friend; or news over radio or TV that you are waiting to hear.
Eight of Hearts in the House of Popularity
You have many admirers and people should love and highly esteem you. Fame and love for you.
Ace of Clubs in the House of Abode
You will receive a large furniture, musical instruments, or some large object you did not expect; or you will receive the deed to a home.
Ten of Diamonds in the House of Journey
You will receive money from a journey; or by taking a journey you will get some. Money is connected with a change or trip here. If you travel, good business.
Queen of Clubs in the House of Papers
Papers of a legal type will be signed by you; perhaps you know about these papers now; or papers signed for something you bought or sold.
King of Hearts in the House of Vocation
You should cultivate a cheerful disposition which will help you, or happiness in your work, or your work will be for or with very nice people; or you enjoy your work.
Nine of Hearts in the House of Marriage
If you wished about getting married or for the return of someone, you will get your wish.
Seven of Diamonds in the House of Happiness
Success and happiness are in store for you. You should be very happy when in the company of business associates and while traveling.
Nine of Diamonds in the House of Enjoyment
A surprise party is given in your honor; or you may go on an outing, go horseback riding, swimming, hiking, or on a picnic, an enjoyable surprise.
Queen of Spades in the House of Messages
You will hear gossip over the phone or in a letter; or you will receive a mean letter from an ungrateful person; or you will be grateful to hear from someone.
Seven of Clubs in the House of Relatives
You will receive a message from a relative or friend who invites you to a party. Or some other form of pleasant message is coming your way.
Queen of Hearts in the House of Health
You will hear good news regarding a friend's or a relative's health.
King of Spades in the House of Money
You will pay a fine; also an opportunity is lost here; or callers discuss money or a loan asked or you lay out plans with a caller.
King of Clubs in the House of Seasons
If you are working or going into something new, you will be employed for a long time. If taking an examination for a position, you shall get it.
Queen of Diamonds in the House of Friends
In your lifetime you will have a very wealthy friend on whom you can depend and you benefit by it. Financial gains or good advice from this party.
Seven of Hearts in the House of Gifts
A gift you receive will give you great happiness--possibly a radio or musical instrument.
Jack of Clubs in the House of Letters
Relatives want you to write; or you receive a long delayed letter from a relative or close friend; or you will be asked to read someone's letter.
Ten of Clubs in the House of Trouble
You will have trouble on a trip; you may get a traffic ticket; or you may have car trouble; or you are undecided on making a trip. Make your decision, then do it.
King of Diamonds in the House of Disappointment
You may lose a valuable paper and so cause yourself much trouble; or a loss where papers are concerned so much so that an attorney may be needed to adjust matters; or a tooth will need filling.
Jack of Diamonds in the House of Death
You will receive a letter concerning an operation on a friend or relative that may prove fatal; or hasty news telling you of a death.
Ten of Spades in the House of Undertaking
You should investigate a new undertaking before going into it. There is something you ought to look into and know about. Or you will study something that requires much research.
Nine of Spades in the House of Achievement
You are disappointed in something you are doing, or you are retarded in what you want to do. There is a loss indicated through this retarding. Change what is wrong.
Ten of Hearts in the House of Inheritance
Through marriage or the union of a partner you will inherit business shares or a life income; or you will be well provided for. Good income.
Jack of Hearts in the House of Callers
Someone calls upon you who is very noted.
Ace of Diamonds in the House of Gratitude
Someone near you will be grateful for your help in some new undertaking; or you have a grateful friend.
Ace of Spades in the House of Inquirer
You have lost someone you love dearly; or you worry over a home condition, if the later you should concentrate on clearing up this condition, you have the ability to do so.
Eight of Spades in the House of Luck
You will bring some bad luck to yourself through being careless. Take care of your purse someone might be helping himself; or you forget your change when you make a purchase.
Seven of Spades in the House of Sun
Sunshine and health indicated. Get in tune with nature.