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Your Astrological Spread
Your Astrological Spread
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Your Self Overall

The Knight of Wands

Energy and generosity countered by cruelty. Unrestrained impulsiveness.

Your Current Mood (The Card of Aries)

Knight of Coins Reversed

Stagnation mixed with a dull, timid and indolent nature.

Matters Concerning Finance (The Card of Taurus)

Three of Swords Reversed

Confusion and upheaval are possible.

Matters Concerning Travel and Communication (The Card of Gemini)

The Queen of Wands Reversed

Vengence and domination, possibly unfaithfulness and deceit.

Matters of the Home, Parents and Children (The Card of Cancer)

Air reversed

Air reversed denotes a lack of freedom to move through life as you want.

Matters of Pleasure (The Card of Leo)


Sagittarius upright denotes strength and energy tempered by wordly wisdom and civility.

Matters of Health (The Card of Virgo)

Two of Wands

New ventures will require courage and logic. Influence over others grows. Kindness and altruism pay off.

Matters of Partnerships and Marriage (The Card of Libra)

Prudence Reversed

Prudence reversed denotes folly and a lack of wisdom and insight. Beware of impulsiveness. Gather your courage and open your mind to see what is really going on around you.

Matters of Death and Inheritance (The Card of Scorpio)

Scorpio Reversed

Scorpio reveresed represents the lack of will and confidence to move ahead.

Matters of the Spiritual, Education and Dreams (The Card of Sagittarius)

Ten Of Wands Reversed

Intrigue, separation and loss are possible.

Matters of Career (The Card of Capricorn)

Seven of Coins Reversed

After much labor, little gain may be realized.

Matters of Friendship (The Card of Aquarius)

Eight of Swords

Indecision and betrayal may imprision you. Fear may be paralyzing and make if difficult to move away from present problems.

Matters of Burdens, Opposition and Fears (The Card of Pisces)

The King of Wands Reversed

Ruthless, the misuse of power, intolerance and predjudice.

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