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Your Birthday Spread
Your Birthday Spread
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Your Present Position in the World


Libra denotes justice and balance. That which should rightfully be shall be.

Your Goals for the Next Year

The Magus

This card represents the force of your will, the mastery of skills and your creative talents.

That Which Empowers You

The Sun

This card represents material success and the achievement of goals, fulfillment in the simple life.

Powers You Need to Develop

Two of Swords

Relationships are rife with tension. Indeciveness may be a problem. The rhythm of life is well sensed, but without direction.

Your Present Material Self

The Tower Reversed

The attainment of physical and spiritual freedom at great cost.

Your Present Emotional State

The Queen of Wands

The power to acquire that which is wanted. A productive mind and body. A loving nature. Success.

Your Present Spiritual Self

Ten of Cups

Happiness and satisfaction can be had. The spiritual self leads to great loves, friendships and success.

That Which Opposes You

The Eastern Emperor Reversed

This card represents immaturity and loss of control, spiritual weakness.

What You Need to Do to Realize Your Goals

Queen of Cups

Success and happiness are attainable in all their forms. Visions and dreams are realized. Honesty, devotion and loyalty are enjoyed.

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