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Basic Number Traits
Basic Numerlogical Number Traits
0 Traits: Cosmic Knowledge, Wisdom, Free-Will, Truth, Purity, Love, Justice, Integrity, Compassion, Hope

In numerology the number 0 is only used to represent a Challenge. 0 is considered by most numerologists to be a number exclusive to "old souls," those who have journeyed through many lives. Those with a 0 challenge number have profound spiritual knowledge and a sense of right on a cosmic scale.
The 0 signifies the full circle. It can encompass all the Challenges of the numbers 1 through 9, or none of them. This is because owners of a 0 challenge are truly the masters of their own destiny. They may choose to face all challenges or none. The bearer of a 0 Challenge is by nature extremely passionate. They will love with a depth which is often incomprehensible to most others. Often the word "genius" may be used when referring to a 0 Challenge holder. However, being completely free to express their genius as they see fit, they may disappoint those around them by letting their special gift lie fallow. Should someone carrying a 0 Challenge decide to face it, the actual test they may face probably involves balancing the depth of their love for individuals, as well as humankind, with their own needs.

1 Traits: Individualism, Leadership, Boldness, Courage, Creativity, Determined, Ambitious, Pioneering.
Negative Traits: Egocentric, Overbearing, Repressive, Indolent, Weak.

One is the number of new beginnings, action and leadership. Wherever a 1 appears in a person's chart, you can expect change in that area, and the bearer of the 1 will most likely lead the charge towards initiating that change. They are pioneers, ever-ready to light up the dark.

2 Traits: Cooperative, Sensitive, Balanced, Responsible, Loving, Patient, Modest, Supportive

Negative Traits: Rude, Weak-willed, Finicky, Shy, Fearful, Sly

2 is the number of compromise, cooperation, diplomacy and mediation. Wherever you see this number in your Chart you can expect it means you are willing to be a team player to attain your goal or overcome your challenge.

3 Traits: Optimistic, Verbal, Creative, Expressive, Sociable, Happy, Amusing
Negative Traits: Superficial, Non-communicative, Boring, Deceitful, Whining, Gossipmonger

The number 3 represents optimism, energy, imagination and fun. 3 is the number of creation. There is an indefinable power behind a 3, which allows the bearer to create things and solutions heretofore unknown. 3 also represents a number of profound triads including: Past, Present, Future; Mother Father, Child; and Birth, Life, Death.

4 Traits: Pragmatic, Faithful, Disciplined, Organized, Cautious
Negative Traits: Dogmatic, Crude, Incompetent, Inefficient

The number 4 represents the stable, traditional, practical and respectable. A 4 also stands for soberness and faithfulness. 4 also reflects organization and discipline. The 4's symbol is the square, and represents such things as the 4 seasons, 4 directions, and the 4 aspects of the self. The 4 brings form to things, provides them with a stable structure.

5 Traits: Freedom, Enthusiasm, Clever, Sensual, Adventurous, Prolific
Negative Traits: Rash, Impulsive, Trite, Undirected, Dull

5 is the number of change, opportunity, chance and adventure. Where a 5 appears in a person's chart there will be risk. 5, representing the 5 senses, usually denotes sensuality taken to its limits as well. Wherever a 5 appears in a chart expect change, the expression of free will and the exploration of the physical world.

6 Traits: Nurturing, Responsible, Dutiful, Family Oriented, Kind, Stable, Devoted
Negative Traits: Intolerant, Discontented, Dictatorial, Dogmatic

6 is the number of nurturing. 6 holds all the qualities needed to nurture successfully: generosity, caring, sacrificing, loving. 6 also represents love and marriage, and unions in general. From romantic to motherly to platonic, 6 represents all forms. Wherever a 6 is seen on a chart look for the powers of love and nurturing to come into play.

7 Traits: Analytical, Mystical, Prepared, Wise
Negative Traits: Aloof, Cynical, Superficial, Fussy

The Number 7 denotes introspection and the pursuit of universal truths. 7 is the Number of the individual seeking knowledge in solitude. Wherever a 7 appears in a chart mysticism may come into play. 7 is considered the number that connects Heaven and Earth. Throughout history many priests have thought 7 was the number of God.

8 Traits: Strong, Self-Reliant, Aggressive, Intelligent, Clever, Tasteful
Negative Traits: Materialistic, Dogmatic, Unscrupulous, Lethargic

8 is the number of wealth, success, leadership and effective organization. The 8 is a worldly number. Everything about it is in plain view. While the 8 does represent success, it may also denote failure. With 8s there is no in between: it succeeds beyond expectations or fails miserably. 8 also represents endurance and the ability to stay the course until the job is done.

9 Traits: Compassionate, Tolerant, Benevolent, Intuitive, Mystical, Charming, Idealistic
Negative Traits: Stingy, Impulsive, Intolerant, Insensitive, Effusive

As 1 marked beginnings and leadership, 9 marks completion of the circle and humanitarianism. 9 is the number that finishes all that was started by the numbers which come before it. 9 represents highly developed intuition and spirituality. 9 also represents the apex of human spiritual development. It is considered the supreme number of the 1 to 9 circle. While 9 denotes endings it also signifies the mastery of all the challenges faced by the numbers which precede it.

11 Traits: Intuitive, Sensitive, Bright, Visionary, Spiritual, Uplifting, Creative, Inspirational, Optimistic

In Numerology the Number 11 represents the "Spiritual Messenger." Those carrying an 11 in their chart are in some way, or possibly every way, on a journey of spiritual enlightenment meant to bring divine insights to us all.

22 Traits: Master Builder, Organizer and Planner. Visionary, Ambitious, Inspired, Wise, Honest, Born to Lead

22 is the number of the Master Builder—a person with the ability to things for humanity as a whole. They possess superior organizational skills, a mind which stays focused and very high ideals. The 22 thinks big and builds big. These unselfish, hardworking visionaries are blessed with the skills to turn their dreams into realities that benefit us all. They are the “doers” of Numerology.

33 Traits: Nurturing, Responsible, Dutiful, Family Oriented, Kind, Stable, Devoted, Seeker of Harmony, Champion of the Underdog

33 is the number of nurturing and goodwill towards all things. 33 holds all the qualities needed to nurture successfully: generosity, caring, sacrificing, loving. 33 also represents love and marriage, and unions in general. From romantic to motherly to platonic, 33 represents all forms. Wherever a 33 is seen on a chart look for the powers of love and nurturing to come into play.