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Natal Reports & Charts
Insightful Reports At Economical Prices
Price: $11.95 
The Natal Report and Chart are the foundation of Western Astrology. Almost everyone knows their Sun Sign, but the position of the planets at the time of your birth play a crucial role in determining the cosmic influences that effect your life as well. By careful study you can gain insight into your inner self,  learn why some of life's stages are so easy for you to act on while others are a constant challenge, and move through your life with knowledge that will help you make the right choice when you reach forks in the road. e-Tarocchi.com now offers some of the most comprehensive Natal Charts and Reports available anywhere in the world.
Our Advanced Natal Report includes the following:
  • 14 to 20 page Natal Report covering the influences the planets and the moon will have on your life. Areas of influence include:
    • Planetay Positions
    • Aspects
      • Conjunctions
      • Oppositions and Squares
      • Trines and Sextiles
    • House Positions
    • House Rulerships
    • North Node
    • Midheaven
    • The Ascendant
    • Elements
    • Retrogrades
  • An Astrological chart that graphically displays the arrangement of the planets at the time of your birth.
  • A Personality Profile based upon scores in 25 different categories.
  • A short numerological profile is also included.
  • Reports are manually generated and inspected before being sent to you.

To ensure the accuracy of our reports they are viewed by us before they are sent to you. Reports are sent via email and will be delivered in HTML format, so they are readily viewable, printable and easy to convert to other formats like Microsoft Word.

Price: $11.95