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Celebrity Reports
Reports are listed in alphabetical order based upon first names. Click on a celebrity's name to view their Astrology Natal Report. To create an Astrology compatibility report for you and a celberity click the C next to their name. To view their 30 day biorhythms chart click the B next to their name. The reports of other celebrities can be viewed by clicking the letters below. To get your own personal advanced natal report visit our Astrology Natal Reports page.

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F. Lee Bailey  C  B
Fabian  C  B
Fabian Cancellara  C  B
Faith Hill  C  B
Fantasia Barrino  C  B
Farley Mowat  C  B
Faron Young  C  B
Farrah Fawcett  C  B
Fats Domino  C  B
Fats Waller  C  B
Fay Wray  C  B
Faye Dunaway  C  B
Federica Pellegrini  C  B
Federico Fellini  C  B
Felicia  C  B
Felicity Andersen  C  B
Felicity Galvez  C  B
Fergie  C  B
Fernando Valenzuela  C  B
Ferruccio Lamborghini  C  B
Fess Parker  C  B
Fidel Castro  C  B
Fiona Apple Maggart  C  B
Flame  C  B
Flannery O`Connor  C  B
Flip Wilson  C  B
Florence Henderson  C  B
Florence Welch  C  B
Florian Vogel  C  B
Forest Whitaker  C  B
Fran Drescher  C  B
Fran Tarkenton  C  B
Frances Bean Cobain  C  B
Francis Crick  C  B
Francis Ford Coppola  C  B
Francoise Mbango Etone  C  B
Frank Albertson  C  B
Frank Borman  C  B
Frank Gifford  C  B
Frank Gorshin  C  B
Frank Robinson  C  B
Frank Sinatra  C  B
Frank Sinatra Jr.  C  B
Frank Stella  C  B
Frank Zappa  C  B
Frankie Avalon  C  B
Frankie Jonas  C  B
Frankie Lymon  C  B
Frankie Muniz  C  B
Frankie Valli  C  B
Fred Ahern  C  B
Fred Couples  C  B
Fred MacMurray  C  B
Fred Savage  C  B
Fred Silverman  C  B
Freddie Fender  C  B
Freddie Mercury  C  B
Freddie Prinze  C  B
Freddie Prinze Jr.  C  B
Frederic Forrest  C  B
Freida Pinto  C  B
Frida Kahlo  C  B
Fritz Weaver  C  B