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Celebrity Reports
Reports are listed in alphabetical order based upon first names. Click on a celebrity's name to view their Astrology Natal Report. To create an Astrology compatibility report for you and a celberity click the C next to their name. To view their 30 day biorhythms chart click the B next to their name. The reports of other celebrities can be viewed by clicking the letters below. To get your own personal advanced natal report visit our Astrology Natal Reports page.

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G. Gordon Liddy  C  B
Gabe Kaplan  C  B
Gabourey Sidibe  C  B
Gabriel García Márquez  C  B
Gabriela Sabatini  C  B
Gabrielle  C  B
Gale Garnett  C  B
Gale Gordon  C  B
Garrison Keillor  C  B
Garry Kasparov  C  B
Garry Moore  C  B
Garry Shandling  C  B
Garth Brooks  C  B
Gary 'US' Bonds  C  B
Gary Burghoff  C  B
Gary Busey  C  B
Gary Coleman  C  B
Gary Cooper  C  B
Gary Oldman  C  B
Gary Sinise  C  B
Gavin MacLeod  C  B
Geena Davis  C  B
Gemma Arterton  C  B
Gena Rowlands  C  B
Gene Autry  C  B
Gene Barry  C  B
Gene Hackman  C  B
Gene Kelly  C  B
Gene Krupa  C  B
Gene Roddenberry  C  B
Gene Simmons  C  B
Gene Siskel  C  B
Gene Tierney  C  B
Gene Wilder  C  B
Gene Wilder  C  B
Genevieve Bujold  C  B
Geoffrey Bodine  C  B
George Auerbach  C  B
George Bensen  C  B
George Brett  C  B
George Bush  C  B
George C. Scott  C  B
George Carlin  C  B
George Clooney  C  B
George Foreman  C  B
George Hamilton  C  B
George Harrison  C  B
George Jones  C  B
George Kennedy  C  B
George Lopez  C  B
George Lucas  C  B
George Marsh  C  B
George Martin  C  B
George McGovern  C  B
George Michael  C  B
George Orwell  C  B
George Peppard  C  B
George Plimpton  C  B
George Romero  C  B
George Segal  C  B
George Shearing  C  B
George Steinbrenner  C  B
George Stephanopolous  C  B
George Strait  C  B
George Takei  C  B
George Thorogood  C  B
George W Bush  C  B
George Wendt  C  B
George Will  C  B
Gerald R. Ford  C  B
Geraldine Ferraro  C  B
Geraldo Rivera  C  B
Gerard Butler  C  B
Gerd Kanter  C  B
Germaine Greer  C  B
Gerry Marsden  C  B
Gianni Puccini  C  B
Gig Young  C  B
Gilda Radner  C  B
Gillian Anderson  C  B
Gina Lollobrigida  C  B
Ginger Rogers  C  B
Ginnifer Goodwin  C  B
Giorgio Armani  C  B
Giovanni Ribisi  C  B
Gisele Bündchen  C  B
Gladys Knight  C  B
Glen Campbell  C  B
Glen Yarborough  C  B
Glenda Jackson  C  B
Glenn Close  C  B
Glenn Ford  C  B
Glenn Miller  C  B
Gloria Estefan  C  B
Gloria Gaynor  C  B
Gloria Steinem  C  B
Gloria Vanderbilt  C  B
Goldie Hawn  C  B
Gordie Howe  C  B
Gordon Brown  C  B
Gordon Lightfoot  C  B
Gordon MacRae  C  B
Gore Vidal  C  B
Grace Jones  C  B
Grace Kelly  C  B
Grace Potter  C  B
Grace Slick  C  B
Graham Greene  C  B
Graham Nash  C  B
Grand L. Bush  C  B
Greer Garson  C  B
Greg LeMond  C  B
Greg Louganis  C  B
Gregg Allman  C  B
Gregory Hines  C  B
Gregory Peck  C  B
Greta Garbo  C  B
Guo Jingjing  C  B
Guy Fieri  C  B
Guy Lombardo  C  B
Gwen Stefani  C  B
Gwendolyn Brooks   C  B
Gwyneth Paltrow  C  B
Gypsy Rose Lee  C  B
Gordon Ramsay  C  B