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Celebrity Reports
Reports are listed in alphabetical order based upon first names. Click on a celebrity's name to view their Astrology Natal Report. To create an Astrology compatibility report for you and a celberity click the C next to their name. To view their 30 day biorhythms chart click the B next to their name. The reports of other celebrities can be viewed by clicking the letters below. To get your own personal advanced natal report visit our Astrology Natal Reports page.

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H. Ross Perot  C  B
H.R. Giger  C  B
Hailee Steinfeld  C  B
Hal Holbrook  C  B
Hal Linden  C  B
Haley Joel Osment  C  B
Halle Berry  C  B
Hallie Kate Eisenberg  C  B
Hank Greenberg  C  B
Hank Ketcham  C  B
Hank Snow  C  B
Hank Williams  C  B
Hank Williams Jr.  C  B
Hannah Kearney  C  B
Hannah Murray  C  B
Hannah Teter  C  B
Harold Lloyd Jr.  C  B
Harold Nicholas  C  B
Harold Robbins  C  B
Harper Lee  C  B
Harrison Ford  C  B
Harry Belafonte  C  B
Harry Caray  C  B
Harry Carey Jr.  C  B
Harry Chapin  C  B
Harry Connick Jr.  C  B
Harry Dean Stanton  C  B
Harry Morgan  C  B
Harry Nilsson  C  B
Harry Reasoner  C  B
Harry Shearer  C  B
Harvey Keitel  C  B
Harvey Korman  C  B
Harvey Milk  C  B
Hayden Christensen  C  B
Hayden Panettiere  C  B
Hayden Roulston  C  B
Hayley Atwell  C  B
Hayley Mills  C  B
Haylie Duff  C  B
He Chong  C  B
He Kexin  C  B
Heath Ledger  C  B
Heather Locklear  C  B
Heather Matarazzo  C  B
Hedy Lamarr  C  B
Heidi Klum  C  B
Heidi Montag  C  B
Helen Gurley Brown  C  B
Helen Hunt  C  B
Helen Mirren  C  B
Helen Reddy  C  B
Helen Shaver  C  B
Helena Bonham Carter  C  B
Heloise  C  B
Henri Cartier-Bresson  C  B
Henry "Hank" Paulson  C  B
Henry Aaron  C  B
Henry Cavill  C  B
Henry Fonda  C  B
Henry Ford II  C  B
Henry Kissinger  C  B
Henry Mancini  C  B
Henry Winkler  C  B
Herb Alpert  C  B
Herb Caen  C  B
Herbie Hancock  C  B
Herbie Mann  C  B
Herman Cain  C  B
Herman Wouk  C  B
Hilary Swank  C  B
Hildegard Knef  C  B
Hillary Duff  C  B
Hillary Rodham Clinton  C  B
Hirohito  C  B
Holly Hunter  C  B
Holt McCallany  C  B
Hong Un Jong  C  B
Hope Lange  C  B
Howard Bellamy  C  B
Howard Cosell  C  B
Howard Hesseman  C  B
Howard Hughes  C  B
Howard Joslin  C  B
Howard K. Smith  C  B
Howard Stern  C  B
Howie Long  C  B
Howie Mandel  C  B
Hoyt Axton  C  B
Hubert H. Humphrey  C  B
Huey Lewis  C  B
Hugh Downs  C  B
Hugh Grant  C  B
Hugh Hefner  C  B
Hugh Jackman  C  B
Hugh Laurie  C  B
Hulk Terry Hogan  C  B
Hunter S. Thompson  C  B