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Celebrity Reports
Reports are listed in alphabetical order based upon first names. Click on a celebrity's name to view their Astrology Natal Report. To create an Astrology compatibility report for you and a celberity click the C next to their name. To view their 30 day biorhythms chart click the B next to their name. The reports of other celebrities can be viewed by clicking the letters below. To get your own personal advanced natal report visit our Astrology Natal Reports page.

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Octavia Spencer  C  B
Octavio Paz  C  B
Odetta Holmes  C  B
Ogden Nash  C  B
Oleg Cassini  C  B
Olga Kaniskina  C  B
Olga Korbut  C  B
Oliver Stone  C  B
Olivia De Havilland  C  B
Olivia Hussey  C  B
Olivia Newton-John  C  B
Olivia Palermo  C  B
Olivia Wilde  C  B
Olivier Martinez  C  B
Olympia Dukakis  C  B
Omar Sharif  C  B
Oprah Winfrey  C  B
Oral Roberts  C  B
Orlando Bloom  C  B
Orson Bean  C  B
Orson Welles  C  B
Oscar De La Hoya  C  B
Oscar De La Renta  C  B
Oskar Werner  C  B
Ossie Davis  C  B
Otis Redding  C  B
Otto Preminger  C  B
Ous Mellouli  C  B
Owen Wilson  C  B
Owsley Stanley  C  B
Ozzie Nelson  C  B
Ozzy Osbourne  C  B
Olivia Holt  C  B