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Celebrity Reports
Reports are listed in alphabetical order based upon first names. Click on a celebrity's name to view their Astrology Natal Report. To create an Astrology compatibility report for you and a celberity click the C next to their name. To view their 30 day biorhythms chart click the B next to their name. The reports of other celebrities can be viewed by clicking the letters below. To get your own personal advanced natal report visit our Astrology Natal Reports page.

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W. H. Auden  C  B
Wally Cox  C  B
Wally Dallenbach  C  B
Walt Disney  C  B
Walter Cronkite  C  B
Walter Dix  C  B
Walter Matthau  C  B
Walter Mondale  C  B
Walter Payton  C  B
Wang Feng  C  B
Wang Xin  C  B
Ward Bond  C  B
Ward Burton  C  B
Warren Beatty  C  B
Warren Buffett  C  B
Warren Oates  C  B
Warren Zevon  C  B
Wavy Gravy  C  B
Waylon Jennings  C  B
Wayne Carey  C  B
Wayne Gretzky  C  B
Wayne Newton  C  B
Wayne Osmond  C  B
Wayne Rogers  C  B
Weird Al Matthew Yankovic  C  B
Wendell Corey  C  B
Werner von Braun  C  B
Wesley Snipes  C  B
Wesley Studi  C  B
Whitey Ford  C  B
Whitney Houston  C  B
Whoopi Goldberg  C  B
Wilbur Shaw  C  B
Wilford Brimley  C  B
Wilfred Kipkemboi Bungei  C  B
Will Arnett  C  B
Will Ferrell  C  B
Will Rogers Jr.  C  B
Will Smith  C  B
will.i.am  C  B
Willem de Kooning  C  B
William Baldwin  C  B
William Bendix  C  B
William Buckwheat Thomas  C  B
William Burroughs  C  B
William Dafoe Jr.  C  B
William Dean Martin  C  B
William F. Buckley Jr.  C  B
William Forsythe  C  B
William Friedkin  C  B
William Golding  C  B
William Goldman  C  B
William Henry Gates III  C  B
William Holden  C  B
William Hurt  C  B
William Inge  C  B
William Patrick Corgan  C  B
William Peter Blatty  C  B
William Safire  C  B
William Saroyan  C  B
William Schimmel  C  B
William Shatner  C  B
Willie Mays  C  B
Willie Mosconi  C  B
Willie Nelson  C  B
Willie Shoemaker  C  B
Willie Stargell  C  B
Wilma Rudolph  C  B
Wilmer Valderrama  C  B
Wilson Pickett  C  B
Wilt Chamberlain  C  B
Winona Ryder  C  B
Wladimir Klitschko  C  B
Wolfgang Puck  C  B
Wolfman Jack  C  B
Woody Allen  C  B
Woody Guthrie  C  B
Woody Harrelson  C  B
Woody Herman  C  B
Wu Minxia  C  B
Wyatt Knight  C  B
Wyclef Jean  C  B
Wynonna Judd  C  B
Wynstan Hugh Auden  C  B
Wynton Marsalis  C  B
Wendell Berry  C  B