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Your Wisdom of the Moon Spread
Your Wisdom of the Moon Spread
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Discharging: that which you should let go of

Three of Pentacles

Material fortunes grow. Crafts or arts are mastered.

Retaining: that which you should further develop

The Hermit Reversed

The reversed Hermit hears the truth but will not listen. He is immature, callow and rife with vices.

Obtaining: that which is coming into your life

The Star Reversed

The Reversed Star represents pessimism, doubt and obstinacy.

Worldly Influences: secular influences effecting your life

The Fool

This card represents the dreamer in you, the idealist, the mystic. The Fool desires to do great things. He must always be very careful of the choices he makes, and remember knowledge is his ally.

Spiritual Influences: spiritual influences effecting your life

Nine of Cups Reversed

Unfulfilled wishes, bad health and deprivation are possible.

Mental Influences: your cognitive state's effect on your life

The Lovers

The drawing of two forces together, choices, temptations. The fight between the sacred and the secular. Accord of the inner and worldly self.

Physical Influences: your physical state's effect on your life

The Chariot Reversed

Decadence, failing health and need for change.

Benevolence: that which you can and should give to others

The Seven of Wands Reversed

Employ caution and courage in your ventures. Knowledge is your ally, arrogance your enemy.

Learning: that which you should be learning at this time

Knight of Cups Reversed

Scrutinize all ventures and deals carefully. Lies, laziness and underhandedness are possible.

Upcomimg: that which will be important in your future

Two of Cups Reversed

Folly, misunderstanding and false love are possible.

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