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How Romantic Are You?

To find your romanticism quotient fill in the statements below. Once you have responded to all the statements, click the "How Romantic Am I?" button at the bottom. To personalize your assessment, you may enter you name in the appropriate textbox (this is optional). We do not store personal assessments, so your privacy will not be compromised by entering your name.

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1. Love is an indescribable feeling that overwhelms one person when they come into contact with another person.
2. It is impossible not to fall in love if you meet the right person.
3. Getting butterflies in your stomach when you are near someone is an indication of love.
4. You don't fall in love, you achieve it.
5. The desire to share all your time with someone is an indication of love.
6. A perfect love means you are always satisfied with your partner.
7. A marriage out of convenience can be successful.
8. True love is a once in a lifetime occurance.
9. True love is not based on physical attraction.
10. Lovers are often blind to what goes on around them.
11. When two people are in love, no problem is without a solution.
12. Love makes your heart beat faster.
13. The depth of your feelings for one another proves you were made for each other.
14. Love does not have to come before marriage.  It can happen afterward.
15. Long engagements are not necessary when people are meant for each other.
16. True love is endless.
17. At times, love can give you a sick feeling.
18. Love camouflages your lover's faults.
19. True love can cause a loss of appetite.
20. You either feel true love or you don't.
21. It is best just to go with love and not try to understand it.
22. Being in love is never boring
23. One shouldn't work to maintain a love.
24. Marriages require work to succeed.
25. Love always finds a way.
26. True love just happens.
27. True love guarantees happiness.
28. Love must be learned; it doesn't just happen.
29. Love brings out the best in people.
30. Love makes you feel good.
31. You only fall in love once in your life.