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Astrology Compatibility & Romance Report

Explore your relationship or potential relationship with our free Astrology Compatibility and Romance report. This report compares a couple's individual natal horoscopes to evaluate their romantic and platonic compatibility. The report uses many of Astrology's basic elements such as Zodiac signs and aspects to determine the future outlook for a match. Get your free romance assessment.

Astrology Compatibility & Romance Report

Andy Puddicombe: All It Takes Is 10 Mindful Minutes

When is the last time you did absolutely nothing for 10 whole minutes? In this video Andy Puddicombe discusses how to benefit from meditation in just 10 mindful minutes.

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Birthday Celebrity Natal Horoscopes for October 20, 2020

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Number 13: The Legends, Myths, and Facts

Why does the number 13 evoke feelings of uncertainty and uneasiness? Is it really an unlucky number? What started this stigma about 13? Triskaidekaphobia means the fear of number 13. Sometimes, this fear triggers panic attacks, affects family and business relationships. Is this rooted in superstition? Number 13 reflects man's fear of the unknown.

Tradition traces this fear of 13 at the table to the Last Supper- Jesus dined with his twelve apostles. The inference was someone was going to die within a short time. Judas betrayed Jesus, overcome by his guilt, he hang himself.

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Introduction to The Dhammapada


The Dhammapada is the best known and most widely esteemed text in the Pali Tipitaka, the sacred scriptures of Theravada Buddhism. The work is included in the Khuddaka Nikaya ("Minor Collection") of the Sutta Pitaka, but its popularity has raised it far above the single niche it occupies in the scriptures to the ranks of a world religious classic. Composed in the ancient Pali language, this slim anthology of verses constitutes a perfect compendium of the Buddha's teaching, comprising between its covers all the essential principles elaborated at length in the forty-odd volumes of the Pali canon.

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What does a typical Tarot deck consist of?

Tarot reading like most other New Age beliefs relies more on intuitive feelings than on ay scientific explanation. This is what makes finding the perfect deck the most difficult task in Tarot reading. One needs to find a deck that 'speaks out' to one. With the wide variety of decks available its possible you may need to go through several before you find the 'right' one.

While there is a wide variety of decks available that use different symbols, they all represent the same things. A typical tarot deck consists of 78 cards, divided into the Major and Minor Arcanas.

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