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Astrology Compatibility & Romance Report

Explore your relationship or potential relationship with our free Astrology Compatibility and Romance report. This report compares a couple's individual natal horoscopes to evaluate their romantic and platonic compatibility. The report uses many of Astrology's basic elements such as Zodiac signs and aspects to determine the future outlook for a match. Get your free romance assessment.

Astrology Compatibility & Romance Report

The Infinite Game: How to Lead in the 21st Century

Simon Sinek joins the How To: Academy to present his latest insights on The Infinite Game. Simon explains how adopting an infinite mindset is necessary for leaders who want to build stronger, more innovative and more inspiring organizations.

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Birthday Celebrity Natal Horoscopes for May 14, 2021

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Gaia - Earth Mother and Turtle? Ancient Wisdom For Conscious Living

Gaia is etymologically a compound word composed of two elements: Ge, meaning "Earth," which is also a pre-Greek substrate word related to Ki in Sumerian, also meaning Earth and Aia comes from an Indo-European derivative meaning "Grandmother." Therefore, the full etymology of Gaia was once "Grandmother Earth." Most of us know Gaia simply as Earth or Mother Earth; the primordial element from which all things originated, which is what the Romans believed as well. They knew Gaia, the Great Mother, as a single living entity that encompassed the totality of every element in the Universe; land, sea, or sky. The Greeks knew her as an ancient primeval goddess who personified the Earth and whose emergence appeared at the creation of the Universe, born from Chaos. Gaia's power was far reaching in Ancient Greece, making oaths sworn in her name to be the most binding of all. If only such value for her was still a part of our lives, perhaps we'd discover more honor in promise to the planet we live on and more synergy and harmony through conscious, symbiotic care of the collective she signifies.

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Astrology Forecast for February 2013 - General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

If you think January was nice, just wait for February. We may have one difficult weekend, and the Full Moon could bring a challenge. But, most of the month should be smooth sailing, and there could even be extra blessings. In fact, I am forecasting that Valentine's Day 2013 will be the best Valentines day we've had this century with lots of steamy romance and sex! Mars is going to be busy energizing some of the outer planets this month, and by Presidents' Day, we may find a project or situation has been transformed.

Venus will enter Aquarius, and Mars will enter Pisces on the first day of February. We will probably be ready for a change. The Moon will be in passionate Scorpio on Groundhog Day, Saturday, February 2nd, and the groundhog may be very vehement expressing his fear of his shadow this year. (*wink*) Mars and Neptune will be partners in crime during the weekend of February 1st, and some will not be practical. Think twice, before you spend or commit yourself to a project. And, postpone any major purchases until Wednesday.

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Astrology Forecast for September 2012 - General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

We've got to admit, August was nice... really nice. And, now September is going to bring us back to the old grind. There could be some trials and tribulations around Labor Day. Also, just past mid month, Pluto and Uranus will be sending more tragedies and irritations. September will end with the possibility of bad luck and accidents under the insanity of the Full Moon. Many of us will find ourselves challenged this month, but we may be very proud how well we handle it.

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