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Astrology Compatibility & Romance Report

Explore your relationship or potential relationship with our free Astrology Compatibility and Romance report. This report compares a couple's individual natal horoscopes to evaluate their romantic and platonic compatibility. The report uses many of Astrology's basic elements such as Zodiac signs and aspects to determine the future outlook for a match. Get your free romance assessment.

Astrology Compatibility & Romance Report

Shawn Reeder Yosemite Range of Light

Yosemite National Park, the High Sierra, and the Eastern Sierra are some of the most beautiful places on earth.

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An Analysis of Tarot Cards

Excerpted From
The Secret Teachings of All Ages (1928)

OPINIONS of authorities differ widely concerning the origin of playing cards, the purpose for which they were intended, and the time of their introduction into Europe. In his Researches into the History of Playing Cards, Samuel Weller Singer advances the opinion that cards reached Southern Europe from India by way of Arabia. It is probable that the Tarot cards were part of the magical and philosophical lore secured by the Knights Templars from the Saracens or one of the mystical sects then flourishing in Syria. Returning to Europe, the Templars, to avoid persecution, concealed the arcane meaning of the symbols by introducing the leaves of their magical book ostensibly as a device for amusement and gambling. In support of this contention, Mrs. John King Van Rensselaer states:

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We are all surrounded by some energy, an electric field if you must. This energy cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, that does not mean it doesn't exist. Auras are electric fields that surround our bodies and gain their color from our emotions, characteristics and habits.

An aura emanates from an individual's charka points. The charka expressed in our personalities is reflected in our aura. An individual with high sexual activity, of stubborn bent and volatile energy would probably have a red aura. This is not to say that all individuals with red auras are sexually promiscuous and stubborn.

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Taurus Full Moon and Sagittarius New Moon With a Solar Eclipse in November

Fear has been in the air and riots in the streets! We all have at least friends and family who have fallen on hard times, lost their houses or their jobs. We feel strongly what is happening because of that deeper inner connection of oneness or you could call it the morphogenetic field. It is easy to get caught up in anxiety and fear.

Being a mom means you are the center of the family- the healer, the shepherd. You are setting the emotional tone nourishing the needs of your kids and partner. If you don't feel good - nobody in your family feels good. Self-care is absolute paramount for you these days! By taking care for your own needs first you are taking care for your family. Only a full cup of water can sustain their thirst!

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People have studied the relationships of numbers to dates and names for over 2500 years.
They explore these associations to:

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