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A Guide to Essential Oils for the Chakras

Written by: Anita Revel
Published on: May 21, 2012
Category: Chakras


Humans have the capability to distinguish 10,000 different smells. With clever blending of essential oils you can use smell to improve your well-being through aromatherapy for the chakras.

Essential oils are the "life force" of plants, extracted and distilled to offer the user a sense of well-being and other benefits. They enter the bloodstream through the skin or respiratory system, transporting the oils throughout the body in order to assist healing.

Different oils have different healing properties that may be blended to maximize their complementary healing properties. In short, they assist in the healing and balancing of each chakra, which in turn leads to a well-balanced approach to fulfilling personal destiny.

The following blends* have been crafted to balance each chakra using the combined effects of appropriate oils and goddess energy. Used in burners, baths or dabbed directly onto each chakra point, they affect healing at the seven chakra levels and their corresponding levels of aura.

The Base Chakra assists in the strengthening of will, stability, grounding, commitment, life force and family. Use ginger to boost confidence, complemented by lavender, patchouli and palmarosa for their calming and balancing properties, and grapefruit white to energise and uplift the user.

The Sacral Chakra assists in creativity, desires, sexuality, relationships, power and money. Often, ylang ylang is used for its anti-depressant qualities to aide this chakra. To reach the centre of your creativity and personal power also use sweet orange and grapefruit white to relieve anxiety and patchouli for its calming effect.

The Solar Plexus Chakra assists in personal power, ambition, intellect, sense of self-worth, wisdom, fear and sensitivity. Lemongrass and eucalyptus are used to cleanse and decongest the chakra ready for the energies of rosewood, (used for its restorative qualities), peppermint to promote a pleasant sense of stimulation, bergamot to uplift, and lime and lemon myrtle to promote clarity and assertiveness.

The Heart Chakra assists in compassion, love of self and others, spirituality, healing, centredness and hope. Use sweet orange to reduce anxiety and clear the way for lemon (clarity), geranium bourbon and chamomile for balancing mood swings, grapefruit white to stimulate energy flows, and jasmine absolute -- an aphrodisiac that brings optimism and balance.

The Throat Chakra assists in communication, personal expression, truth, trust, choice and freedom. Vetiver is used in this blend as a deeply nourishing promoter of opportunities and possibilities. Use with cedarwood atlas to decongest the chakra to allow lemon and cajeput to bring clarity and vision, lavender to balance the user's new energy, and frankincense to rejuvenate intentions.

The Third Eye Chakra assists in higher intuition, psychic energy, light, knowing and intelligence. Cedarwood atlas unblocks energy flows ready for rosemary-cineole, a brain stimulant that promotes clarity, calming lavender, lemon and frankincense for rejuvenation, and basil to assist with decision making in the user's new space of vision and insight.

The Crown Chakra assists in enlightenment, connection to higher self, faith, selflessness, inspiration and devotion. A euphoric state of enlightenment can be achieved through the combination of peppermint arvensis, clove leaf and cinnamon bark, with sweet orange to keep the user relaxed in this heightened state.

Note: Make sure you only use pure oils (avoid 'fragrant' oils as they are synthetic), and seek medical advice before 'playing' with pure essential oils. * The blends are based on the Goddess-ence range of pure essential oil blends.

Anita Revel is the creatrix of the stunning "i Goddess" meditation movie that can be viewed at http://www.igoddess.com . She is also a columnist for United Press International, and has written hundreds of articles pertaining to women's wellbeing.