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A Guide to Essential Oils for the Chakras

May 21, 2012 | Anita Revel


Humans have the capability to distinguish 10,000 different smells. With clever blending of essential oils you can use smell to improve your well-being through aromatherapy for the chakras.

Essential oils are the "life force" of plants, extracted and distilled to offer the user a sense of well-being and other benefits. They enter the bloodstream through the skin or respiratory system, transporting the oils throughout the body in order to assist healing.

Different oils have different healing properties that may be blended to maximize their complementary healing properties. In short, they assist in the healing and balancing of each chakra, which in turn leads to a well-balanced approach to fulfilling personal destiny.

The following blends* have been crafted to balance each chakra using the combined effects of appropriate oils and goddess energy. Used in burners, baths or dabbed directly onto each chakra point, they affect healing at the seven chakra levels and their corresponding levels of aura.

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The Chakra Centers And The Power Of Activating Them (Part 1)

July 13, 2011 | Shriram Sharma

chakra man

In ancient times researchers of Soul Sciences very intricately discovered conscious principles of the subtle world. In this very human body (microcosm) they found the mirror-image of the material world (macrocosm). Whatever one perceives in the gross world is present in the human body in a subtle form. Hence instead of carrying out research studies pertaining to the external world with the help of very expensive scientific technical apparatus, the ancient seers/sages looked upon the human body as a reflection of the gigantic cosmos and hence conducted research studies by diving deep into their souls within the body.

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The Chakra Centers And The Power Of Activating Them (Part 2)

July 6, 2011 | Shriram Sharma

chakras yin yang

Everyone knows about the 6 Chakras. In reality they are 7 in number. The seventh Chakra is Sahasrar and is generally not counted because it is the leader of all subordinate Chakras. Thus the 7 energy Chakras (plexuses) are symbols of 7 Lokas (worlds), 7 Rishis, 7 seers and 7 continents.

A description of energies and forms associated with each Chakra can be found in many scriptures pertaining to spiritual practices. No doubt some differences are there yet briefly following is the information commonly given by all -

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