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Famous Psychics - Jean Dixon

February 21, 2011 | Michael Russell

Probably the most famous psychic of our time was the ever popular Jean Dixon. On January 25, 1997, she passed away, but not before leaving a legacy that won't soon be forgotten.

Her most famous prediction, and probably the one that got psychics in general the most attention, was when she predicted that President John F. Kennedy would die in office. As it turned out, Kennedy was assassinated while in Dallas Texas. Her actual prediction was that a democratic president elected in 1960, a tall young man with blue eyes and brown hair, would die in office. According to Dixon when interviewed she said that she told reporters that the president would be assassinated but they refused to print that part.

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'The Entity' Case Revisited

February 11, 2011 | Bill Knell

During 1974, several researchers working out of UCLA began to investigate one of the most famous and frightening Parapsychology cases ever documented. Often referred to as a violent or extreme haunting, 'The Entity' investigation became famous after the 1981 release of a major film based on that case. Doctors Gaynor and Taff investigated the haunting under the auspices of Thelma Moss, a UCLA Parapsychologist. While the film highlighted the fact that the female victim of the alleged haunting was repeatedly and violently raped, it may have downplayed other events that might have provided an alternative explanation.

The film relied largely on audience imagination to fill in the blanks as the victim was sexually assaulted and highlighted the fact that most people who heard her story tended to initially discount the tale of spirit rape. However, family members, friends and those who bothered to investigate the matter more fully often witnessed the attacks themselves. Some, like her son, were hit, beaten or suffered some degree of bodily harm. The movie seemed to focus on one entity, but the case was far more complicated then that.

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