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Dreams, Inner Journeys, and the Cards

July 7, 2011 | Ginger Red Hawk

dream interpretation

When we think of the tarot or other oracles, we usually think of them as providing insight and information about what is going on in our external world-the world of action and reaction. But these same symbols can act as communication between many realms-inner, outer, spirit, faery, angelic, and "dreamtime" (the realm of myth and potential where the unmanifest is real).

We can use the cards to help us to interpret an inner journey or a dream-and we can use a dream or an inner journey to help us interpret a card reading. Both ways work and both ways enrich our insight into our personal symbolism. Let's consider some of the ways we can cross-fertilize our understanding of these symbols as they appear in the cards, in the world, and in our inner worlds.

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