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2012 - The "Change Agent" Number

March 26, 2012 | Tania Gabrielle

number 5

The changes are accelerating right now. Can you feel it?

If not, you may be living on another planet...

So many people are having either deep, profound break-throughs or dealing with major life issues.

Well, usually a challenge IS the breakthrough - in disguise!

Throughout 2012 we are being asked to step forward boldly, without fear. Fear is the ultimate paralyzer. If you feel afraid, you'll always figure out how to prevent yourself from moving forward.

What this all comes down to in 2012 is looking Fear straight into the eye and moving THROUGH your emotional resistance to change.

What are we resisting?

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M Stands for Mother

March 26, 2012 | Tania Gabrielle

mother and child

Isn't it fascinating that the word for Mothers in so many languages begins or contains a prominent letter 'M' - as in 'Mom', 'Mama', 'Mother', 'Madre', 'Mutter', 'Makuahine', 'Mere', 'Maman', 'Mor', and so on.

There are many reasons for this. M represents the element of water.

Just think - what does the embryo and fetus live in while gestating in the mother's womb? What covers most of Mother Earth? What makes up most of our physical body?

Amazingly, if you turn the letter M upside down, you get the letter W - for Water. The word 'Womb' begins with W and has a strong 'M' sound. It sounds very similar to 'OM'. These are not coincidences.

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Basic Numerlogical Number Traits

November 6, 2011 | Julian Laster

numerology number traits

Traits: Cosmic Knowledge, Wisdom, Free-Will, Truth, Purity, Love, Justice, Integrity, Compassion, Hope

In numerology the number 0 is only used to represent a Challenge. 0 is considered by most numerologists to be a number exclusive to "old souls," those who have journeyed through many lives. Those with a 0 challenge number have profound spiritual knowledge and a sense of right on a cosmic scale.

The 0 signifies the full circle. It can encompass all the Challenges of the numbers 1 through 9, or none of them. This is because owners of a 0 challenge are truly the masters of their own destiny. They may choose to face all challenges or none. The bearer of a 0 Challenge is by nature extremely passionate. They will love with a depth which is often incomprehensible to most others. Often the word "genius" may be used when referring to a 0 Challenge holder. However, being completely free to express their genius as they see fit, they may disappoint those around them by letting their special gift lie fallow. Should someone carrying a 0 Challenge decide to face it, the actual test they may face probably involves balancing the depth of their love for individuals, as well as humankind, with their own needs.

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Number 13: The Legends, Myths, and Facts

October 16, 2011 | Bonnie Moss

Why does the number 13 evoke feelings of uncertainty and uneasiness? Is it really an unlucky number? What started this stigma about 13? Triskaidekaphobia means the fear of number 13. Sometimes, this fear triggers panic attacks, affects family and business relationships. Is this rooted in superstition? Number 13 reflects man's fear of the unknown.

Tradition traces this fear of 13 at the table to the Last Supper- Jesus dined with his twelve apostles. The inference was someone was going to die within a short time. Judas betrayed Jesus, overcome by his guilt, he hang himself.

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