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Astrology Forecast for September 2013 - General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

Written by: Janet (Sparrow) Moon
Published on: August 31, 2013
Category: Astrology

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The first twelve days of September may be a little difficult with Mars focusing his potency on a few different outer planets. Mars is energy, so we may be feeling extra tired, or we may find ourselves working harder than we expected. But, all will be changing by Yom Kippur, September 14th, and life should be shaping up nicely by the UN International Day of Peace, September 21st. Be careful not to overspend after the Fall Equinox on September 22nd, because you will probably need that money in October.

The Sun and Pluto will be singing together on Sunday, September 1st, encouraging us to make some changes, but Mars and Neptune will not be cooperating. Some of those changes may end up looking ridiculous. We may decide to spend Labor Day, Monday, September 2nd, on the couch. Energy will be low, so keep plans to a minimum.

The week of September 3rd, may bring a burst of energy with the Virgo New Moon on Rosh Hashanah, Thursday, September 6th, but for the most part, we may find it difficult to do simple tasks. Postpone what you can.

Our optimism and our dreams should increase over the weekend of September 6th, with the Sun and Jupiter shaking hands, but energy will still be a problem with Mars picking on Saturn. Get out and have as much fun as you can on Friday, because duty may begin to call by Saturday, September 7th. We could get very passionate about those duties on Sunday, September 8th, and a few arguments may arise. Some may even lose their tempers and get out the nuclear weapons. Be gentle!

Monday, September 9th, will probably be a "Blue Monday," so try to keep your schedule light. Postpone what you can until after Thursday. We may find ourselves feeling restless throughout most of the week, and a feeling of unease could be "creeping us out." Stick to routine activities as much as you can, and don't be afraid to ask for help. Things should improve by the quarter Moon on Thursday, September, 12th.

Our energy will return, and we will be ready to "get down to business," as the weekend of September 13th begins. Yes, September 13th is on a Friday. There could be some minor mistakes, but I don't think many will be dealing with any major bad luck this Friday the 13th. In fact, productivity will be the tone for the weekend. Many will be ready to work hard, and business transactions should go well. Some may get a little temperamental on Sunday. Think before you speak.

The week of September 16th will begin with the Moon void of course. This means that we may not be in the mood to listen or talk. Monday will be a good day to work alone. Reschedule any important meetings, if you can. The Moon will enter dreamy Pisces by Tuesday morning, September 17th, and we will be ready to make some changes in our lives... NOW! Many will be taking the initiative and doing what they know is morally correct in their hearts. Our psychic intuitions could be off the scale as we will approach the Pisces Full Moon on Thursday morning, September 19th. This will be an excellent week for helping others and getting the help we need. Some of us will make some major transformations in our lives.

Pluto will be at direct station while dancing with Saturn as the weekend of September 20th begins. Our self-discipline will be strong, but there could be some unexpected upsets to deal with. Those with dominate Scorpio in their charts could be dealing with some big challenges. We should be ready to slow down our pace and enjoy the fruits of our labors by Saturday evening, September 21st. Sunday, September 22nd, the first day of Fall, will be a great day for parties and shopping. People will be polite, and we may discover some very beautiful items.

The week of September 23rd begins with another void of course Moon. This time the Moon will be void of course in methodical Taurus, so we really won't feel like talking. It will be another great Monday to work alone. The Moon will be in Gemini by Tuesday morning, September 24th, and we will be ready to do it all! Tuesday and Wednesday will be great days for conversations, running errands, competitive games, and two of everything. The Moon will enter Cancer on Thursday afternoon, September 26th, and emotions will become more prominent. There could be some extra rewards coming our way.

We may get extravagant over the weekend of September 27th with Venus and Mars not cooperating. Think twice before you spend. Love affairs and relationships may not be all that important this weekend either. The Moon will enter playful Leo on Sunday, and it will be a great day for some entertainment. Maybe catch a show, or watch a movie on the couch. Romance could return to our lives by the last day of the month, Monday, September 30th, but there could also be some conflicts in plans. Try to stay flexible.

Changes, conflicts, and delays are ahead for October with a lunar eclipse, Mercury turning retrograde, and Uranus squaring off with Pluto again. Check back next month to find out more.

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. (This article can be reprinted freely online, as long as the entire article and this bio are included.) http://www.sparrowmoon.com/