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Written by: Ginger Red Hawk
Published on: July 25, 2011
Category: Auras

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We are all surrounded by some energy, an electric field if you must. This energy cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, that does not mean it doesn't exist. Auras are electric fields that surround our bodies and gain their color from our emotions, characteristics and habits.

An aura emanates from an individual's charka points. The charka expressed in our personalities is reflected in our aura. An individual with high sexual activity, of stubborn bent and volatile energy would probably have a red aura. This is not to say that all individuals with red auras are sexually promiscuous and stubborn.

Seeing Auras

Some of us can see the human aura. Some of us have seen it sometimes and some of us will never see it. Seeing an aura is not about magic or the spiritual state of an individual. It also does not reflect upon your personality in any way whatsoever. Seeing an aura mostly has to do with being able to relax your mind completely.

An aura is a subtle energy so it is viewed as light and ephemeral. The energy field is pulsing and shifting continuously so it may not be easy to see it. The aura is not an optical illusion and nor is it the spots we get in front of our eyes by staring at a bright light. Being able to see an aura can be learnt and requires patience.

• The trick is to not try too hard. It is VITAL that one relaxes. Try and unfocus your eyes and look at an object. The more relaxed you are the greater your chances of viewing an aura. Often if you look at the top of a forest, you may see an aura surrounding the group of trees.
• As a beginner, when trying to see an aura try to keep the object against a plain white background and use indirect light as on a cloudy day or during twilight.
• One of the easiest ways to glimpse an aura is to face a neutral colored wall in dim lighting. Hold your index fingers together at eye level and move them till you see a floating third finger. The little flare of color you see at the tip is the color of your aura.
• To see someone else's aura, sit them in front of a plain wall and throw indirect light on them. Then look around the neck and shoulders without focusing on the individual. Using only your peripheral vision may make it easier to see the person's aura. Near sighted people have the advantage because by taking of their contacts or glasses they can achieve the unfocused effect naturally.
• Another way some people 'see' auras is by meditating. Meditation relaxes the body and mind completely and is thus conducive to seeing auras.

Colors Of The Aura

Most people view auras as shiny, ephemeral 'halos' surrounding individuals. To see a 'colored' aura one must have a trained and experienced eye OR the aura must be very strong indeed. The colors are open to differential interpretation but by and large they do mean some common things.

• Red: Is the color of passion and energy associated with courageous entrepreneurs. A deep clear red indicates an adventurous person. A muddied red can indicate anger. An orangish red moves towards passion or sexual interest.
• Orange: Symbolizes a passionate, creative and adventurous personality. It may suggest sexual passion and ambition.
• Yellow: Is for intelligent, warm and playful personalities who are full of cheer.
• Green: Bright green is the color of healers. These are a social set and love to share. A dark green aura may indicate a responsible and ambitious person who will work for his wealth. A muddy green may reflect envy.
• Blue: Is the color of expression. It may reflect a teacher, an orator or just someone who expresses himself clearly. These are very sensitive souls.
• Rose: May indicate a deep spiritual self-love or that the person is in love.
• Purple: Is the color of the spiritual path. It indicates a person in quest of his or her spirituality.
• Black: Is not always bad. Muddies, clouded or stagnant black may indicate illness or depression. A clear black however, could just suggest something mysterious.
• White: The aura of an evolved being with the presence of angels in the aura.
• Gold: A strong connection with the Divine and highly evolved. A very very healthy aura.
• Silver: Good communicators or in the area of communications.

Healing Your Aura

An unhealthy aura has a negative effect on your emotions and life in general. Of course, to begin with, there may be some problems in your life that have caused the aura to become unhealthy! However, having a healthy aura will let you combat the problems faster and with more courage.

Aura's tend to become unhealthy when an individual is sick, or when engaging in substance abuse and when facing emotional disturbances. An unhealthy aura can be discolored, incomplete, rough and sticky and vary drastically in temperature.

There are several ways to heal your aura.
• Clear quartz crystals charged with energy can be used to patch up holes, tears and rips in your aura.
• You can also use stones like ruby, amethyst and red jasper to perform crystal healing on your aura.
• Visualization is a strong technique to cleanse your aura. Simply picture the hole being repaired, the tear being stitched and the aura being complete, whole and healthy again.
• Another visualization is to picture you in an egg connected to the core of the earth. Think of a healing color and picture it filling up your aura.
• Lastly, you can ask a Reiki master to help you cleanse your aura. Reiki masters are supposedly very connected to auras and can create a golden healthy aura for you.