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Full Moon and New Moon Astrology for March 2012

Written by: Shakti Carola Navran
Published on: February 24, 2012
Category: Astrology

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Last month the New Moon in Pisces started us onto a vision quest, learning to listen to our own inner voice and wisdom over the mainstream paradigms. Finding your own individual dream whispered to you by your own soul has been the beginning of another round of aligning your individual consciousness with your actions in the world.

Remember the "I have a dream..." speech by Martin Luther King and see how that seemingly impossible dream has changed the world and the consciousness of many people. Dreams are a powerful thing!

Are you living a self-examined life? If you are reading this, the answer is probably yes which means you are one of the few percent of the population actively involved in the evolution of consciousness. The willingness to examine and question your own ego structures, to inquire into hidden motivations, and to take responsibility for your own actions is a good prerequisite to lead a conscious life.

We are living in amazing times, mirrored and explained to us through the art of astrology. Astrology is one extremely elegant way to inquire deeply into your growing process as an individual. With Neptune in Pisces for the next 14 years you may discover the true meaning of expanding your individual consciousness into new dimensions. Compassion does naturally rise out of a higher state of consciousness.

Full Moon in Virgo March 8

This month, with the culmination of the Full Moon in Virgo, you are invited to walk your talk and implement your dreams and insights which started to surface last month. You need to learn to blend the analytical awareness of Virgo with the compassionate wisdom of the heart of Pisces. You will thrive this month if you find ways to be skillful in your actions and find ways to be of service, contributing to the greater good. What is your sacred work?

Maybe you enjoy donating your time and skills by volunteering in one of the public services like CERT, Big Brother& Sisters, HandsOn Maui, the Maui Food Bank, Habitat or the Red Cross. There are many ways to be helpful to others and feel good about yourself.

New Moon in Aries March 22

When we head into the New Moon in Aries, we are starting a new cycle of emotional awareness. Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior and pioneer who needs a cause worth fighting for in order to find benevolent ways to express his potentially aggressive manners. Through confronting your own fears and the application of courage, conscious decisions and willful actions, you can walk the high road of Aries' volatile energies. Finding a new project to start, a new idea to bring to the world will help you channel feelings of irritation, depression, low energy, helplessness and explosive anger. How can you use your power and passion to serve instead of destroy and dominate?

Re-aligning with your dreams and visions as your driving force will help you to find the right path to journey and consciously apply yourself through right living. You will find out more about the unique skills and gifts you were born with, to be a gift to the world in these challenging times of transition into higher global consciousness.

In short: Do something you can do, help somebody you can help, be the force for good you want to see in the world!

Shakti Carola Navran is an evolutionary astrologer, blogger, and published author. She reads the psycho-dynamic information of your chart in the bigger perspective of the evolution of your soul - your karma.

On her blog, jewelryandgemsforselfdiscovery.com/blog/, sign up for her Astrological Weather Report and free monthly astrological overview. Shakti has provided astrological readings for 33 years and is available for individual consultations.

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