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How to Enhance Your Moon in Aquarius

Written by: Darlene Siddons
Published on: February 1, 2012
Category: Astrology

aquarius and moon

Moon Crystal: Clear Quartz

This crystal can take on the energies of the person that wears them, it can also be programmed for each individual persons needs and/or wants, and it can balance out static energies which can clear out fear of change.

When your moon is Aquarius you tend to be eccentric, original and independent. You can be very conscious of the environment, humanity and the planet. You are more passionate about humanitarian issues than with personal relationships. You can tend to be rather detached. You are very intuitive and your instinct about people are usually right on. You enjoy all people no matter what walk of life they come from.

The moon represents your emotional energy, conscious mind and your habits. It represents how you act emotionally, in situations and with your family/relationships. The moon changes signs every two and a half days going through the zodiac every twenty eight days, this way you can tell which days it is best for you to entertain certain activities. You can get an exact reading of your sun, moon and ascendant by getting a Zodiac Crystal Reading; for this you need your exact birth date, exact time of birth and exact location of your birth.

If your moon is in Aquarius you can tend to be aloof and have an inert need for independence; which can alienate you and create loneliness and odd behavior; this can all lead to rebellion and a need for change. On the other hand you can resist change no matter what. You can tend to have big swings in your emotions and moods.

Thought for the Day: "Every moment of quiet time that you find to replenish your spirit will bear fruit a thousand times over." -Alan Cohen-

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