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Leo Horoscope in 2012

Written by: David Zacik
Published on: December 25, 2011
Category: Astrology

Leo Career and Work Horoscope in 2012


Whether you are self-employed or working for a big corporation Lions are destined to excel this year. You can expect financial bonuses or a promotion as your skills as a leader or special talent are going to be widely recognized.

If you have ever dreamed of starting your own business then this is the year to do it. It is fated to go well. Leos looking for a new job will be lucky as well, especially if they are looking during the last six months of the year.

The last six months of the year also favor pursuing higher education or getting certification to enhance special skills.

Leo Love, Family and Social life Horoscope in 2012

Most Leos will find relationships to be a bit challenging during 2012. There are many planets in fire signs that cause bickering and fighting. Married coupled could find themselves arguing more or ignoring each other because important issues have not been discussed... In order to save certain relationships, it is important not to let resentments fester.

If you are unmarried, you might find yourself on rocky ground because of issues of fidelity or commitment. These problems should work themselves out by December.

Uranus in Aries makes you a bit rational and hot-headed. To avoid conflicts in all of your relationships you need to learn to avoid bullying or losing your temper. It also helps to take yourself less seriously and approach all problems with a sense of humility.

Leo Finance and Money Horoscope in 2012

Your financial picture for 2012 is quite fortunate. You will easily be able to save money and also invest it. By July you will find yourself exploiting fantastic new business opportunities. The best time to buy real estate or invest in a brand new venture is around your birthday when the Sun is in Leo.

Jupiter in Gemini indicates that you will find your best money-making opportunities on the cocktail circuit. Accept invitations to social climb and be sure to attend conventions and job fairs. Lions looking for a new job are also most likely to hear about it through social media or gossip so stay "wired in."

Leo Health Horoscope in 2012

This is not the best year ever astrologically for your health and the challenge will be to balance out all of the exciting business opportunities you have with a need to rest. Many Lions will be experiencing minor health problems with the main areas of concern being the back, the circulatory system and the stomach.

It is crucial for you to practice preventative medicine this year if you want to stay well. Take your vitamins, eat right and get plenty of exercise to prevent minor problems from developing into big ones.

Your health is not as good as it can be in 2012 and to some extent this might limit your ability to be completely focused on your work. The idea is to see a chiropractor or practice preventative wellness measures such as taking vitamins or herbs to prevent any minor problem into escalating into big ones.

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