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Listening to the Pulse of Time: Astrological Predictions for April 2012

Written by: Shakti Carola Navran
Published on: April 8, 2012
Category: Astrology

cosmic pulse of time

In March we started into a new astrological year with the Spring Equinox, the Sun moving into Aries and we also started the New Moon cycle with Aries energies. We all needed to find a worthy cause in which to put our energies and we might have faced situations where our decisiveness, fierceness and protectiveness needed to be expressed.

The Pluto Square to Uranus Is Getting Tighter

This month Pluto will go retrograde on April 10 and moving closer towards the exact square with Uranus which will happen the first time in June 9, the first one out of 7 squares between these volatile planets we have been talking about for a while now. The God of the underworld and hell realms, Pluto is squaring off with the God of lightning and earth quakes, Uranus and even your next door neighbor might be nodding his head in having figured out that something big is going on...

Change is in the air and I believe the rebellious currents all over the world with the 99% starting to revolt against poverty and abuse by the greed and power plays of corporations and governments will become stronger again. For each one of us it is so important to not get swapped away by fear and anxiety but focus on what power we do have and how to apply ourselves individually in a smart and peaceful way.

We can look into the emotional potential of the month by following the waxing and waning of the Moon and be aware how we as individuals are impacted. Awareness is the key in being prepared and using the cosmic energies the best way we can.

Mercury and Mars turning direct again this month will add fuel to the fire and be helpful in finding ways to integrate our ideas into reality.

You also might consider an astrological reading and update to find out how the big players Pluto, Uranus and Neptune will force major changes into your life if you haven't had a reading in a while. It is so helpful in a better attunement to the pulse of the present time!

Libra Full Moon April 6 and Taurus New Moon April 21, 2012

In April with courage and will power, you can move now into the very different energy of the Full Moon and New Moon, in signs ruled by Venus.

As a Mom, you are carrying the archetype of the Divine Mother; you will love the energy of this month. You can allow yourself to become gentler and more receptive to love, beauty and harmony. With a good sense of who you are, your desires and strengths, you now are ready to meet the OTHER, half-way in the spirit of compromise and equality.

Both Mars and Venus are retrograde during part of the first half of the year and expect you to re-evaluate the eternal cosmic dance between the masculine and feminine in your intimate relationships and friendships. The questions of this month seem to be centered on the heart with relationship themes (I know, I know...it's complicated...) and how you inhabit and take care for the temple of your soul, your physical body.

Full Moon in Libra

Saturn and Full Moon are in Libra, the ruling planet Venus is in Gemini and close to the South Node. Inevitably you will be confronted with unfinished business in your relationships, maybe even of karmic nature. You need to put your highest aspirations into actions, learn to synthesize polarities and strive for the perspective of oneness and unity consciousness. If you are centered in a healthy self-identity, it is easier for you to go out of your way for a loving compromise, without losing yourself.

Also your inner artist (your creative aspirations) can flourish with so much Venus this month. Get out and take classes supporting your creative self-expression: create a collage, paint, draw, and dance... whatever brings you joy!

New Moon in Taurus

Venus, which is ruling Taurus, is very sensual and body oriented. Your body is the physical manifestation of your spirit, your temple with which you experience the world through your senses. With Taurus you learn to take care for your physical needs of food, shelter and tribe. You learn that material wealth and status does not necessarily make you feel safe and happy. Your happiness and sense of security is rooted in good health, meaningful work, a sense of accomplishment, friends and a loving state of mind. So, the more attuned you are to your body, the more grounded and powerful you can be.

This New Moon offers the opportunity to develop new aspects of the feminine and expand on in its old role to nourish, teach the young, protect and sustain life. As a mother, you are holding tremendous power in your hands, shaping the next generation.

You are making a major difference for life on this planet. You are contributing to the general field of consciousness. And - the much needed, more wholesome relationship with Nature is reflected in the way you relate and treat your own body-temple. All the change we like to see in the outer world starts within each of us. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

Shakti Carola Navran is an Evolutionary Astrologer, published author and now columnist for Maui Weekly.. She has written many articles and is the author of the book Jewelry & Gems for Self Discovery: Choosing Gemstones that Delight the Eye & Strengthen the Soul. (By Llewellyn) In her book she teaches you about how to read your personal horoscope and blue print for your life and how you can balance yourself successfully.

In her astrological practice she has been giving readings for people from all over the world for 33 years in person, through Skype or on the phone.

Her approach is with the perspective of Evolutionary Astrology which reads the psycho-dynamic information of your chart in the bigger frame of the evolution of your soul - your karma. It usually goes very deep and can give you a very significant perspective onto yourself and your life.

On her blog http://jewelryandgemsforselfdiscovery.com/blog/ you will find her Astrological Weather Report and you can sign up for her free monthly astrological overview.

Call her in Hawaii: 808 878 8182