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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius - February 2014

Written by: Janet (Sparrow) Moon
Published on: February 5, 2014
Category: Astrology


Mercury is a very small, but dense, planet that orbits the Sun about every 88 days and turns retrograde three or four times per year. All of the major planets, except the Sun and Moon, turn retrograde, but none turn retrograde as often as Mercury. That's why you hear us astrologers chirping about Mercury's retrograde so much.

When a planet turns retrograde either we (the Earth) are passing it, or it is passing us on our solar race track. And, just like when you pass a car on the highway, for a short period of time, the planet (auto) appears to be moving backwards. So, when a planet is in retrograde, it is closer to the Earth than it is in other parts of it's orbit. Because the planet is so close to us, it's gravitational pull will have a stronger influence on our personalities.

Mercury is the ruler of communication and travel, and that includes internet connections. In general when Mercury is in retrograde, travel delays are likely, and car problems are also possible. Mercury can upset computers, so be sure to back-up any important files on your hard drive. Misunderstandings are feasible in personal and professional relationships, so you may want to double check messages. When a planet is in retrograde, it encourages us to look at the past. Old friends are prone to reconnect during a Mercury retrograde, and lost lovers are more inclined to return. Its also a great time for ghost hunting, because the veil between us and the other side thins during a Mercury retrograde.

The title of this article states Mercury's retrograde will be in Aquarius, but it will actually begin in Pisces on February 6th. The retrograde will begin while Mercury is conjunct Neptune (the ruler of Pisces), and that could mystify things for a day or two. Neptune and Pisces govern psychic intuition, the arts, and helping the less fortunate, therefore Mercury's retrograde could begin with a "magical mystical" flare. Intuitions in general will be sharper, but confusion is also possible. We may find that, as Mercury's retrograde begins, our thoughts lean toward a more idealist realm. Neptune also rules addictions, and some of us may slide into our addictive behaviors.

It will only take six days for Mercury to return to Aquarius. He will reenter Aquarius on February 13th, just in time for Valentine's Day. Mercury always passes between us and the Sun during his retrograde, so the Sun and Mercury will be encouraging us to do something different this Valentine's Day (Aquarians love the unique). If you have been holding back on the idea of contacting a lost lover, this would be an excellent time to take a leap of faith and give it a try. It is very likely the outcome will surprise you. In another part of the zodiac, Jupiter and Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) will be amplifying crazy ideas. Be careful not to get too sui generis with your Valentine's Day plans, or you may end up shocking your special someone.

Mercury will cross the Sun, on his way to becoming a morning star, on February 16th while receiving energizing rays from Mars. Our minds will be alert and quick during that time, but some of us may press our luck a little too far, because Jupiter and Uranus will be continuing to encourage "half baked" behaviors. Be sure to "beta test" any ideas before presenting them to the boss.

Things could get tense on February 18th and 19th as Mercury picks a fight with Saturn. People may get very stubborn, and some of the negative idiosyncrasies identified with Mercury's retrograde, like travel problems and miscommunications, could become prominent. The possibility of problems could get increasingly stronger after Mercury leaves Saturn's influence, even though it will be no fault of Mercury's. Some may find themselves zealously chasing their tails from February 20th through the 26th with Jupiter and Uranus coming to the climax of their battle. Some (of the ignorant) will blame Mercury.

Mercury will turn direct (direct station) on February 28th, and direct station is usually the most difficult period of any planet's retrograde. Luckily there won't be any planetary influences to magnify Mercury's direction change, but it is likely that we will find ourselves dealing with minor problems (most of them will be only minor). Confidence will be high on that day, because of the Sun dancing with Jupiter, so we should be able to take any set-backs in stride.

Okay, now time for the technical part. Get our your natal chart! Mercury's retrograde will travel from 3 degrees Pisces, on February 6th, to 18 degrees Aquarius, on February 28th. First, check to see which house or houses his retrograde will transit. This will tell you what areas of your life will be affected. For example, Mercury's retrograde, traveling through one's 4th house of home and family, may bring a household repair to the surface. Or there could be an issue with one of the kids, or even a parent. Second, will Mercury be crossing over any natal planets or power points (ascendant, descendant, nadir, mid-heaven) during his retrograde? If the answer is yes, there could be specific problems to deal with, depending upon which planet or point is crossed. At this point, if you're not sure what I'm talking about, with your chart in your hand, contact an astrologer. We can quickly answer any specific questions you have about how Mercury's retrograde will affect you. Its also a great way to learn astrology.

Many in our culture have a negative attitude about Mercury's retrograde, and it is true that many bad things have happened during a Mercury retrograde, like the stock market crash. But, Mercury's retrograde also has many positive qualities, and its important to keep an open mind.

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. (This article can be reprinted freely online, as long as the entire article and this bio are included.) http://www.sparrowmoon.com/