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Written by: Ginger Red Hawk
Published on: July 29, 2011
Category: Palmistry


Palmistry or 'Study of the hand' is an ancient science that originated in India. It is actually just a small part of a larger science - the study of the whole body and various signs on it. Palmistry has gained tremendous popularity recently. However, one has to have patience and dedication to learn it and be able to 'read palms'.

Basics Of Palmistry

There are several different parts of the hand that have different meanings.

Hand Formation

There are nearly 14 bones joined together that form the shape of the palm. Different shapes have different meanings.

Primary Hand: Such hands are coarse, pudgy, heavy and non-symmetrical. The owners are materially inclined with little sophistication. Food, clothing and shelter are the focus of their life, with little or no inclination towards self actualization.

Square Hand: Characterized by a square palm, square wrist and squarish fingers. A large thumb, a square finger base and several knots are other features. Square hands denote a person of intelligent and good taste. They contribute well to society. They tend to be persons of fame rather than fortune - philosophers, artists, painters, and psychologists.

Workman's Hand: Long rather than wide, starts off thick and tapers down, mounts are muscular and hard. High activity levels throughout the life, achieve fame and fortune through sheer hard work and display a harmony between thought and action.

Philosopher's Hand: Long and angular with bony fingers and knotty joints. Great leaders and intellectuals have such hands. They are full of idealism and are generally good Samaritans. They always seem to be short of wealth though.

Artist's Hand: Soft, supple, tender with a pinkish hue, almost childlike. Dreamers, artists with a great capacity for love. Unlikely to achieve great fame or fortune because are too busy day dreaming. However, if artist's hands are slightly tough or stiff, the person is likely to become rich by following a creative pursuit.

Ideal Hand: Neither too long, nor too wide, well formed and suppler than even the artist's hand. Optimists of the highest order, they are willing to face tremendous difficulties. However, they may not be very successful because they weigh too heavily on ideals.

Mixed Hand: Can be included in any of the categories above. There may be a tendency to be jack of all trades, hence it is important for such people to focus on one thing and see it through completion.

Size Of The Hand

The size of the hand also has certain meanings.

A very small hand denotes narrow mindedness and a suspicious nature.

A small hand while indicative of ability and competence, the individual tends to be lazy and more of a talker than doer.
An ordinary sized hand is indicative of practicality and wisdom.
People with long hands are generally quite socially active.
A very long hand indicates an individual who is overly sensitive and emotional.

Lines Of The Hand

There are seven prominent lines on the palm and several other smaller ones.

Line Of Life: Represents the physical capacity of the person, age and possibility of diseases. A semi-circular, thin and deep line is considered auspicious, while a straight line is not so desirable.
Line Of Head: Indicative of an individual's intellectual capabilities and the consequent gain or loss of wealth.
Line Of Heart: Indicative of the person's emotions, love life and health.
Line Of Fate: It indicates the possibility of gaining material wealth, as well as love and marriage. If the Line of Fate originates from the Line of Life it is considered very good.
Line Of Sun: Represents the success of one's efforts whether in the acquisition of wealth, politics, love, travel or sports even.
Line Of Mercury: Represents an individual's business acumen. A clear well defined mercury indicates logical reasoning and good health while a broken up mercury indicates confused thinking and indifferent health.
Line Of Mars: It is indicative of an individual's temperament and also consequently the nature of his or her relationships.
Line Of Marriage Or Sexuality: Represents an individual's sexual relationships but not in entirety. Several lines combined together give an accurate reading of an individual's love life.
Line Of Children: Indicates the possibility of having children.

The Thumb

The thumb is the meeting point of the palm and fingers and possibly the most important of all 5 digits. The thumb is largely considered to be divided into two parts. If the first part (tip) is longer than the second (base) the person is of firm resolve. A thumb of normal length (till about the middle of the third part or base of the forefinger) indicates the normal or average development of the brain. A thick and full tip of the thumb indicates a person of zeal and confidence. However, a club like tip may indicate extreme violence. When the thumb makes a 90 degree angle with the 4 fingers, when stretched freely, it indicates a balanced disposition.


The Index finger is representative of the ego and desire for recognition and prestige.
The Middle finger is representative of the balance of the mind, sagacity and love of solitude.
The Ring finger indicates the desire for ostentation and fame.
The Little finger represents eloquence and wit.


Palmistry divides the palm into 9 mounts or raised areas on the palm.

The Mount of Jupiter (base of Index finger) indicates a person's desire to lead others, his ambitions and his ego.
The Mount of Saturn (base of Middle finger) finger is indicative of the placidity of character, the analytical power, and the desire for worldly goods and the yen for solitude.
The Mount of Sun (base of Ring finger), is indicative of a person's zeal, desire for ostentation and the love of fine arts.
The Mount of Mercury (base of Little finger) is indicative of a person's pragmatic bent of mind and eloquence.
The Upper Mars (area below the Mount of Mercury) is indicative of a person's patience.
The Lower Mars (area below the Mount of Jupiter) is indicative of the amount of courage an individual has.
The Mount of Moon (area below the Upper Mars) represents the imagination and desire for change in a person.
The Mount of Venus (area under the Lower Mars) the sex urge, the vitality and the amount of human sympathy in a person.
The Plain of Mars (area in the center of the palm) represents the amount of physical and emotional courage an individual has.

The science of palmistry follows all the above rules for hand reading. However, one must remember that no one sign stands alone and represents the characteristics and nature of the individual. The entire hand must be read in totality and the various signs interpreted in reference to each other for an accurate reading.