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Vaastu Shastra Tips For Peace & Harmony In Your Home

Written by: Ginger Red Hawk
Published on: August 5, 2011
Category: Vedic Studies


Vaastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture and interior design. According to modern historians Ferguson, Havell and Cunningham, this science developed during the period of 6000 BC and 3000 BC. Excavations at Harappa and Mohenjodaro also indicate the influence of Vaastu Shastra on the Indus Valley Civilization.

The principles of the science laid down by great Indian sages and architects were based purely on the effect of sunrays during different times of the day. The observations and corrections made were noted and concluded only after in depth screening of the situation. For most part thus, it is seen that Vaastu Shastra talks about the direction in which objects and artifacts should be placed, the direction of entrances and exits and the shape of the property or building under discussion. To improve or enhance peace and harmony in your home Vaastu Shastra recommends the tips below.

The house should face in the North (N) or East (E).
There should be more open land in the N and E, than in the South (S) and West (W).
Any kind of pit (for a swimming pool, plumbing etc.) should be dug in the NE.
The first stone or founding brick should be laid in the NE or Center of the house.
S and W fence walls should be higher and thicker than the N and E walls.
Excavation should begin from the NW.
Foundations should begin from the SW.
Kitchens should face SE but the cooking platform should be in the E.
Sink should be on the left side of the cooking platform and the cooking range on the right side.
Dining rooms are best situated in the W.
Closets and wardrobes, shelves and storage spaces should all be in the S and W directions in all rooms.
Doors of all rooms should face E.
Mirrors should never be on the S and W walls of any room if possible.
Restrooms go in the SE or NW directions.
Any kind of animal shelter or a house for your pets should be in the NW away from the N fencing.
Bedrooms should be in the S and W.
The master bedroom goes SW.
The headboard of the bed must never be in the N. It can be either in the S or the W.
Any place of worship or idol, the bible or any holy objects should be in the NE. All photos and idols should face E or W only.
All rain water should flow from S to N and W to E only.
Drainage and plumbing should be in the N and E.
In case the house is on a slope, the SW should be the highest and the NE the lowest.
The WC or commode should be in the N-S only and never in the W-E directions.
No cellar is to be constructed in residential properties. However, if one must have a cellar or basement it should be in the NE corner.
Out houses or changing rooms, shower stalls should not touch the N and E fences.
Staircases can be in the S, W or SW directions. Wooden staircases however can be in the N and E directions also.
Stairs should go from N to S or E to W.
Stairs must always be clockwise.
Overhead water tanks should be in the SW. If the tank is in the NE, then a structure taller than the tank must be constructed in the SW. Also, the base of the tank should be elevated on four pillars - it should not touch the house.
All under ground structures should face N and E.
All structures above the ground should face S or W.
The porch should not touch the N or E fence.
Large trees should not be grown in N or E. They should be in the S or W.
Business deals should be transacted while facing NE. One must also read in this direction.
Total number of doors and windows should be even on each level but never end in a 0 like in 10, 20 , 30 etc.
Doors should open inside a room and not outwards.
Doors of the restrooms and kitchen must however, open outwards and not inwards.
Face E while cooking. W is permissible if there is no option. However, S is a complete no-no.
All four sides of the house must be open (have doors or windows). If the house is small or in a crowded neighbourhood at least 2 opposite sides must be open. Having just 1 open side lets in negative energies.
Bed rooms must always have beds with 4 legs. Beds that rest on the floor (like box springs or waterbeds) create negative energies.

All the tips are based on some simple principles of Vaastu Shastra. The North and East are directions of positive and high energy. The South and West directions are to expel negative energies. Positive energies must be welcomed into the home and negative energies expelled from it.